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On DUOday companies and public institutions open their doors for people with mental and emotional impairments.

On this day, an employee and an impaired person form a DUO.

The person actively participates as much as possible in the usual tasks of the employees. 

DUOday originated in Ireland where it became known as "Job Shadowday". Belgians adopted it as "DUOday" and thus helped spread the idea. In 2017 the concept arrived in Germany for the first time. The day has been embraced with so much enthusiasm by both interns and corporations that each year more countries join. 

Ireland  |  Belgium  |  France  |  Hungary  |  Finland  |  Portugal

DUOday in Bremen is organized through the project MitArbeit by "Innere Mission".

The project Mitarbeit advises and accompanies people with mental and/ or emotional impairments on their journey toward employment. Our service provides small steps support for people looking to find a suitable job - even for a few hours a day or a week.

Contact: Project MitArbeit